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“Workers of the world… relax!”

THE ABOLITION OF WORK, a well-know essay written by the anarchist Bob Black in 1985, appears now in a comics edition by Bruno Borges. His expressive cartoons reinforce the strength and pertinence of this groundbreaking text.

Features a new introduction by Bob Black.

Bob Black (born January 4, 1951) is an American anarchist and author. He is the author of the books The Abolition of Work and Other EssaysBeneath the UndergroundFriendly FireAnarchy After Leftism, and Defacing the Currency, and numerous political essays.

Bruno Borges (Lisbon, Portugal, 1976) is a painter, ilustrator and comic artist. He has been involved with galleries, artistic projects and publishers since the year 2000. Founding member of the satiric zine Buraco and part of the Oficina Arara crew, he currently runs the workshop O Gorila dedicated to troglodyte forms of expression in art.