Animation AKIRA Storyboards 1 OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS 21

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AKIRA is an anime film that was released in theaters in 1988 and has revolutionized the world of animation beyond the realm of manga. The anime was directed and written by Katsuhiro Otomo, the author of the original work, in an unprecedented production system, and yet it is a masterpiece that has received worldwide acclaim. This book is the first volume of a two-volume compilation of the enormous amount of storyboards that Otomo himself drew for the production of the anime version. Originally published in 1988 by the Young Magazine editorial department in two volumes, this rare item has long been a premium item since it went out of print after a short period of time, but now it is finally being reprinted as the first volume of the "OTOMO THE COMPLETE WORKS". This is the first time in over 30 years that a storyboard has been reprinted as an individual item This book contains the complete first half of parts A and B of a four-part series consisting of parts A, B, C, and D, making it a massive volume totaling nearly 500 pages.