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(2019) 18 x 23,5 cm / 1 color / silver foil cover

Written & illustrated by Mathilde Van Gheluwe 130 pages | A dark yarn of poetry, party, and witchcraft (Debuted at the 2019 Angoulême International Comics Festival) Welcome to Funky Town! My name is Lele. I’m going to be twelve soon, so I’m not really a kid anymore. I live here in Funky Town. Every night people are drinking and dancing and celebrating together. I don’t like parties very much, and I don’t have any friends, except for Cat. My favorite things in life are poetry, food . . . and mom, of course! Oh, and each day I go to Baba Yaga’s house in the woods to get mom her potion. Mom always tells me to be careful around Baba, but I don’t know why. When I grow up, I will be like Mom.